Wax Play Espresso Cup Candle in UV Reactive Green

$ 14.95 

  • mini espresso glass cup with neon uv reactive candle inside for kinky wax play. sticker says agreeable agony
  • 2.75oz of UV reactive kinky wax for wax play glowing in black light in glass espresso cup
  • top view of 6 espresso cups with orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, and pink glowing in black light; colored wax for bdsm wax play

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  • Oh the colorful fun we'll have. These Wax Play Mini Espresso Cup Candles with UV Reactive colors make it so easy to explore kinky wax play! And it's the perfect size to grab a few different colors or just enough to test it out and see if wax play is your kink. Use a black light to make your wax glow!

    Made from 100% pure paraffin, these unscented low temperature candles burn at a manageable, warm 124*F (which is less than a typical beeswax candle that burns around 145*F)  Adjusting the height from which you pour will also impact the landing temperature (the higher your pour from the longer the wax has to cool). Enjoy the colorful fun of waxy sensation play!
    These mini cups are made by a east-coast makers and fellow sex-education nerds, Agreeable Agony. 

  • Features:
    - vibrant UV reactive lime green colored pure paraffin wax with low temp melting point
    - glows under a black light
    - reusable glass pouring cup makes it easy-to-direct the wax
    - unscented candle
    - Handmade in MA

    Sizing: 2.75oz wax in these mini espresso glass cups

    BDSM Wax Play Pro tips: 
    - for easy clean up, we recommend playing over a hard, easily wiped down surface or putting down a dark cloth that can get stained if the colored wax leaves marks

    - let a pool of wax melt then blow out the candle before pouring. this both prevents soot on the glass and prevents excessive heat

  • About the Makers: Agreeable Agony is a small company run by a collection of crafters/artisans and kinksters and self identified "massive pile of queers" from the east coast US who build beautiful handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, and other unique kinky toys, and have a passion for sex education!

    Every time we place an order with AA, we get an email from the specific maker who will be hand crafting our order; this is just one reason why we love working and stocking other small, brilliant businesses- the personal touch!

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