The G-Spot Link Ankle Cuffs & Connector

$ 42.95 

  • masc and femme presenting models. femme white redhead lays on bed with legs in air and ankles in cuffs that are connected. femme model holds the g-spot link connector. the masc black model sits hovering over other person seductively
  • two adjustable cuffs connected in the middle by a strap that buckles
  • black masc model demonstrates how a partner can move both their partner's legs in one swift motion, by grabbing the connector strap of the ankle restraints
  • black male model holds the connector strap of the black female model's ankle restraints. she is laying on a bed, he is making a penetration motion over her pelvis.

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  • The G-Spot Link Ankle Cuffs & Connector
    Take charge of your pleasure and explore new angles of satisfaction with the G-Spot Link! Slip into the two soft ankle cuffs, and adjust the center strap to easily pivot and angle your partner's lower half - no more struggling to hit the G-Spot!
    Designed with bodies in mind, the cuffs and center strap can be adjusted to the perfect size and even used to restrain the wrists!

    It's our goal to help you make pleasurable, adventurous sex as accessible as possible- no matter how flexible you are or aren't. Lotus Blooms has the perfect tools for when your body, mobility, or flexibility changes. Your pleasure doesn't have to miss a beat! Linking the ankles reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure while allowing partners to hit the G-Spot every time.

  • Features: 
    - adjustable cuffs 
    - Includes: 2 Ankle cuffs attached to a middle connector strap
    - buckle in the middle of the ankle restraints or ease of disconnecting 

    Materials: Polypropylene webbing, neoprene fabric, Velcro

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