SpareParts Joque Harness in Black

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  • Brown skinned woman with a white shirt only buttoned on one top button. Cropped to show toned stomach and legs, wearing a red harness with no dildo
  • SPAREPARTS JOQUE HARNESS | Lotus Blooms Alexandria Virginia
  • SpareParts Joque Harness in Black

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  • We've often called the Spareparts Joque Harness the Cadillac of harnesses, and we stand by it.  This strap on harness is unmatched in quality, comfort, function, and pleasure. The Joque is a...ahem, jock-style harness with a strap around the waist and both legs for ultimate control for all your strap on sex adventures!

    What makes it so great?
    The Straps: Each strap is adjustable to your body- each individual leg strap and the hip band are all easily adjusted with pull tabs and sit still with Velcro. Locking mechanisms on the leg strap lets you move sliders into place, then the locking teeth holds the straps and harness securely. The straps are made of thick, soft, material so they don't cut into your hips and legs like the cheap straps made from bicycle helmet straps

    The O-ring: The ring that holds a dildo in place is super stretchy, and is able to accommodate toys with diameters between 
    1”-3” girths

    The Material: This harness is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that is both comfortable and suitable for extended period of wear. Gone are the days of harnesses that don't meld to your body, this hugs and moves like a second skin. Made of high quality Nylon/ Spandex / Velcro this is built to last and made with vegan standards of ethical production and manufacturing.

    Note: red color available via special order. Black available in stock.

  • Features:
    Jock-style strap on harness; double strap
    Adjustable leg straps and belt
    Stretchable elastic O-ring to fit dildos of different shapes and sizes
    Works with single and double ended dildos, including strapless dildos (strapless strap ons)
    Two internal pockets located both above and below the O-ring that fit bullet vibes to stimulate the top
    - also perfect for pack and play

    Materials: The material is a soft, breathable, comfortable, sweat-wicking
    nylon and spandex blend (with the straps containing Velcro) which makes this harness machine washable (use a laundry bag!). Its soft, stretchy, and truly comfortable.

    It comes in two size options (Size Chart below—we recommend going by leg measurements) and with a storage bag.

    Size A

    20-50” belt

    10-16” leg strap

    Size B

    35-65” belt

    14-24” leg strap


  • Sex Educator Tip: Want even more stability or have a dildos that is smaller that 1" in girth? Check out the Spareparts O Stabilizer Ring!  

    We love that this harness has a flexible o-ring and doesn't come with a dildo.  You get to choose a dildo and create a strap on kit that works perfectly for your body and relationship!

    Did we mention that this harness is perfect for bodies across the spectrum. This is one of the top rated lesbian harnesses but is not just a strap on harness for women! Whether your are looking for the best pegging harness to feel feminine, sexy and powerful in, or you're looking for a classic strap on harness that fits, feels, and functions better than the ones of days past.  The Spareparts Joque Harness can play all of those roles! 

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