Self Care Down There: A Guide To Your Vagina's Well-Being

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Take control of your vaginal health and bring your own standards of beauty to your intimate parts with this book offering advice for the vagina and surrounding area. 

If you are a woo-woo person, this is the vagina book for you! Especially if you are purposefully avoiding hormonal birth control. A new-age spiritual perspective on vaginal health. It's very much about getting in touch with your body and learning about some of the most sensitive parts of yourself,

Get the lowdown on how to take care of your nether regions with this fun and frank guide focused on helping you maintain your private parts. Covering everything from:

  • everyday cleanliness
  • internal and external safe health advice
  • tips regarding the groom-or-not-to-groom debate
  • sex-friendly good habits to practice

The book is divided into five different sections: getting to know your garden, savvy self-care, the wisdom of menstrual cycles, getting wet and wild, the modern-day vagina. For the most part, each page covers a subtopic, and there’s a box at the bottom of the page dedicated to sacred self-care, i.e. ways to practice self-care with regards to that particular topic. While there might not be a lot of depth to each topic, there is a huge breadth of areas covered.


Written by a woman of color, Founder and CEO of IM With Periods and menstrual cycle charting coach Taqdir Kaur Bhandal has dedicated her career to offering wellness advice to women. Whether it’s period charts or sustainable period products, Self-Care Down There is a helpful, inclusive, and spiritual guide to feminine care and the wellbeing of all genders.

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