Dual Penetration Thigh Harness

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  • white person wearing a thigh harness with a red dildo in the o-ring. background shows two other figures caressing on the bed
  • neoprene thigh harness for accessible sex play
  • line drawings show different ways to use the thigh harness. one shows a person wrapping it around a pillow for solo play. another shows a person in a wheelchair wearing it

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  • Dual Penetration Thigh Harness
    The thigh's the limit! Gives a whole other meaning to bump and grind... or is it the *actual* meaning?  This thigh harness with two o-rings provides folks of all abilities with an incredible range of sexy play options for enjoying and providing pleasure. 

    Hop on, grind away, and let your partner enjoy the view of your your pleasure, right from their own lap. 

    What makes it so great?
    The Single, easy-to-adjust strap: People with limited hand dexterity or strength may find it challenging to secure and adjust traditional strap-on harnesses, this thick-banded thigh harness is fully hook and loop, so you can easily adjust with one wrap motion. No finicky buckles to mess with. And a wide range of size thigh that it fits easily around. 

    The O-rings: Two fully stitched and reinforced nitrile O Rings measuring 1.75 and 1.25 inches that securely hold the dildos of your choice, securely in place. 

    The Material: This harness is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that is both comfortable and suitable for extended period of wear. Gone are the days of harnesses that don't meld to your body, this hugs and moves like a second skin. Made of high quality Nylon/ Spandex / Velcro this is built to last and made with vegan standards of ethical production and manufacturing.

  • Features:
    Jock-style strap on harness; double strap
    Adjustable leg straps and belt
    Stretchable elastic O-ring to fit dildos of different shapes and sizes
    Works with single and double ended dildos, including strapless dildos (strapless strap ons)
    Two internal pockets located both above and below the O-ring that fit bullet vibes to stimulate the top
    - also perfect for pack and play


    Sizing: Generous 29 inch unstretched length and hook and loop closure allow a user customized fit with plenty of flexibility . Soft, comfortable neoprene that is machine washable for easy care and keeping.

  • Sex Educator Tip: Give your playmate the thrill of multiple partners by using both o-ring and two dildos at once. Or, try strapping it to a pillow or piece of furniture for hands free solo play. 

    Why might someone want to use a thigh harness? Individuals with mobility challenges, such as limited use of their hips or difficulty assuming certain positions, may find a thigh harness more accessible. It allows for strap-on play without requiring as much mobility or flexibility as traditional pelvic harnesses. 

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