Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Vibe in Coral

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  • Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Vibe in Coral
  • Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Vibe in Coral

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  • Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Handheld Vibe.
    Starsi makes a great vibrator for all surfaces, from genitals to chests, between and beyond.  
    The back of the toy has small indented ridges and is curved, designed to fit easily in the hand- one of the best sex toys for folks with dexterity obstacles. 

    Because the motor is offset in the back, each of the tips of the star vibrate at 5 different rumbly intensities.  This means that if you rotate the star around, you can explore a wide range of power via the pinpoints- perfect for someone who is exploring their body and trying to find their perfect balance

    Sex Toys For Trans Folks: Transfemme vibrator seekers we found a winner in Starsi!  The large surface area can 
    cup the chest or breasts or lay across a vulva The size can be an incredible benefit to folx experiencing genital dysphoria, as they can stimulate their nerve endings and cover the parts that contribute to dysphoria, possibly allowing for an opportunity to "re-map" their genitals mentally during physical pleasure play

  • Materials: coated with soft matte silicone in a fun orange coral color
    Width: 4.6 inch
    Thickness: 1.3 inch

    Charging: USB compatible cable included for recharging.
    Warranty1 year warranty


    - 5 speed intensities. starts low and gentle and increases to a medium top power level
    - 5 pulsation patterns
    - 100% waterproof
    - rechargeable 
    - whisper quiet
    - designed for all genders, made to be a versatile toy

  • Cute Little Fuckers brand is owned and created by Step (they/she/he), a genderfluid, disabled queer trans person with a goal of making sex and all things related to it more inclusive and more accessible.  They create toys that are versatile and have a range of uses, specifically addressing needs of folx who span the gender spectrum-- looking at you, our trans and non binary babes. They use pokemon as an inspiration & want their toys to be fun and lighthearted, contributing to the idea that sex and sexuality doesn't have to be serious or heavy! also, they are collectible! Gotta catch em all.

    They even give each toy their own bio:
    Name: Starsi
    Pronouns: Starsi
    Loves: napping and hiding things


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