Claws Out Sensation Finger Rings in Steel

$ 49.95 

  • white hand wearing pointed, steel finger claws for kinky sensation play
  • close up of the ring with a point on it for kinky sensation play
  • the set of five steel sensation rings pointing their points at each other. for bdsm sensation play use

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  • Claws Out Sensation Finger Rings in Steel
    Dig into pleasure and have have some adult sensory fun with Claws Out Sensation Finger Rings in Steel. Delight your partner with tickly titillating touches or command a reaction with intense pressure. These slip on finger rings are sure to unleash intensity in your play session.

    Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, these sleek and versatile finger tips are sure to elevate your sensory play to new heights. Make it relaxing or playful, teasing or torture- you get to choose your own sensation adventure!

    Check out our sensation finger tips for a more feminine look!  These steel claws are slightly heftier than the decorative finger tips, creating a more draggy sensation.

  • Materials: stainless steel with adjustable rings for a comfortable and secure fit for a range of finger sizes.  metal is nickel-free, stainless steel and is non-porous
    Dimensions: Ring length: 1.6; Rings inner diameter: 0.6 inches; Thumb ring inner diameter: 0.8 inches

    - sleek, gender neutral aesthetic
    - slightly rounded tips for both sharp and gentle sensations
    - includes 5 tips (order two boxes for both hands!)
    - each of the rings adjusts for a comfortable and secure fit on your fingers.

  • Sex Educator Tips: Bonus: These are conductive. The steel conducts electricity so you can add in electrostimulation when you combine it with a e-stim conductive plate or body adapter

    What our team says: "As much as I've begged him, my husband refuses to get acrylics on his nails- can't a girl get a decent head scratch around here? =] Kidding mostly. But, these are amazing and he hasn't said no to using these every time I ask!"

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