Adjust-the-Fit PPA & Penis Sleeve Insert in Clear

$ 12.95 

  • three dome looking caps made out of clear TPE material. Underneath is an image of the three caps inside a penis extender to show how to use the inserts
  • shows how to use the three inserts by showing an image of one single insert inside a cock extender, then below it an image of two, and below that an image of using all three inserts in a penis extender

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  • Adjust-the-Fit PPA & Penis Sleeve Insert in Clear

    Simple, yet oh so useful. These penis extender accessories are designed to fill in any space between the head of the penis and the head of the sleeve.  No more hollow space that prevents even thrusting.

    Measure the amount of space you need to fill, and insert the squishy inserts. For a perfect fit, feel free to cut them to size.  Insert into the sleeve before putting it on to provide reinforcement. 

    The clear rubbery inserts disappear inside the sheath for a discreet look. These handy inserts keep cock sheaths and penis extenders firm, even when there is no erection, so everyone can keep playing!

  • Materials: Soft, squishy TPR in Clear.  non-toxic, and phthalate free. These are porous but can be removed and swapped out easily when it's time for new ones!

    Sizing: Each insert shortens the inside shaft about 7/8”

  • Sex Educator Tip: Give your playmate the thrill of multiple partners by using both o-ring and two dildos at once. Or, try strapping it to a pillow or piece of furniture for hands free solo play. 

    Why might someone want to use a thigh harness? Individuals with mobility challenges, such as limited use of their hips or difficulty assuming certain positions, may find a thigh harness more accessible. It allows for strap-on play without requiring as much mobility or flexibility as traditional pelvic harnesses. 

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