.3.5in Pillar UV Reactive Drip Candle in Orgasmic Orange

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  • Oh the colorful fun can have with our Body Safe Wax Play Candles. These hand-poured UV Reactive Pillar Drip Candles make it a beautiful experience to explore kinky wax play!

    The candles are created with two types of paraffin wax and one type of soy wax. This blend has a melt point of 110 degree and a burn point of 135 degrees.

    Expertise Level: These unscented moderate-temperature candles burn at a manageable, yet still hot 135*F (which is just slightly less than a typical beeswax candle that burns around 145*F) . These are some of the hottest wax play candles we offer for more intermediate players.  Please check out some of our more soy-centric candles for beginner wax play!

  • Features:
    - vibrant, rich coloration for beautiful patterns on the skin
    - UV Reactive wax for endless blacklight fun
    - unscented candle
    - paraffin and soy wax blend
    - maximum temperature is 135*
    - Handmade in TX, USA

    Sizing: available in 5.4oz pillar that is 3.5x2in 

    Temperature: Melt Point: 110 degrees Burn Point: 135 degrees

    BDSM Wax Play Pro tips: 
    - similar to clothing in the sun, darker colors will hold onto the heat longer.

    - for easy clean up, we recommend playing over a hard, easily wiped down surface or putting down a dark cloth that can get stained if the colored wax leaves marks. Since these colors are so rich and vivid, they can stain clothing

    - let a pool of wax melt then blow out the candle before pouring. this both prevents soot excessive heat

    - Adjusting the height from which you pour will also impact the landing temperature (the higher your pour from the longer the wax has to cool). Enjoy the colorful fun of waxy sensation play!

  • About the Maker: Pan's Haven is a small company run by a single maker out of Longview, Texas in the United States. She is "just a small town girl who is crazy about wax!" 

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