For Play Rose Drip Candle in Black

$ 28.95 

  • two black colored rose shaped candles
  • two black colored rose shaped candles with their pink and blue box
  • example of a lit heart shaped candle being used for wax play. red wax is dripping on white person's right shoulder; person has blue hair and faces away from camera so we see the wax on their back

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  • For Play Rose Drip Candle in Black
    Stop and feel the roses. Set the mood in style with high quality luxury temperature play candles. Low temp, moisturizing and mood enhancing. The hand poured, rose-shaped Pillar Candles will heat up any sensation exploration session! 

    Lovingly made candles are packaged with intention and sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly, water soluble pink heart packaging peanuts keep the candles safe during shipping and dissolve in water! Plus, the eco-friendly box doubles as a drip stand during play!

    Made from vegan soy & paraffin blend, these sensation play candles are skin-safe and hand poured. these unscented low temperature candles burn at a manageable, warm 124*F (which is less than a typical beeswax candle that burns around 145*F)  Adjusting the height from which you pour will also impact the landing temperature (the higher your pour from the longer the wax has to cool). Enjoy the colorful fun of waxy sensation play!

  • Features:
    - a variety of color and scent combos
    - 100% vegan
    - eco friendly box that doubles as a stand
    - eco friendly dye
    - natural fragrance 
    - cotton wick
    - Handmade in OR

    Sizing: 7oz rose shaped candles, 1oz larger than the pillars

    Scents & Colors: Black: Dark Rose & Labdanum

    Available in multiple shades and colors
    Red: Blood Orange & Lime Agave
    Naked (White): Colorless & Scentless 
    Black: Dark Rose & Labdanum

    BDSM Wax Play Pro tips: 
    - Massage the body with oil or lotion in order to create an easy removal, while also creating a sensual moment before any heat is introduced

    - let a pool of wax melt then blow out the candle before pouring for starting out

    - for easy clean up, we recommend playing over a hard, easily wiped down surface or putting down a dark cloth that can get stained if the colored wax leaves marks

  • About the Makers: 

     Kynx by Brynx is a queer woman & retired sex worker owned small business out of Portland, OR.  KbB was born during the height of the pandemic as a way for founder Bria Brown to provide income for herself and young toddler during the lockdowns. Handcrafted, sexy accessories inspired for and by sex workers with a mission to destigmatize shame towards kink, sex work, and sexual wellness through advocacy, education, and design-forward products.   She wants to create adult products that inspire a deeper connection to oneself and to others. Says Bria, "The most important intimate relationship you have is with yourself. We’re here to help you explore it. "

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