Wartenberg Sensation Pinwheel 7 Spokes

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  • Wartenberg's lucky number is... you guessed it, 7. This toy is an added twist on the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel by having seven delicious wheels to tickle, tease, and excite! Pinwheel’s row of spiked wheels are designed to be rolled across the skin at vary degrees of pressure. Lighter touches ensure a more ticklish sensation, while a firmer grasp intensifies pinpointed pain. The Lucky Number is a great addition to any sensation play kit from beginners to intermediate players. Pair a blindfold with this kind of play for sensational surprises and eager anticipation!

    This product is made with steel and has no motors in it, so you have the option of boiling to clean it. If you don’t have the time or space to do that, we highly recommend using a toy cleaner. The steel also makes it conductive--pair it with a electro-wand and conduction pad!

  • Materials: Steel

    Dimensions: 7in.

  • Sex Educator Tip: Looking for a more devilish, pinpointed sensation? Check out the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel!

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