The Stinger Cattle Prod Electroplay Wand

$ 49.95 

  • black and purple cattle prod looking electro play wand
  • vertical view of the non conductive grip handle and purple prod with two small metal prongs for discharging e-stim sensations during beginner's kink play

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  • The Stinger Cattle Prod Electroplay Wand
    Have you been buzzing to explore the snap, crackle, pop, and excitement of electro play, and are looking for an introductory electroplay wand to add to your BDSM bag? Not quite ready to invest in the whole Violet wand kit yet? This zappy beginner's electroplay wand will give you the spark you're looking for!

    While the sensation it creates is typically mild, the sound makes quite the loud CRACK and dispenses a visible spark, enticing all five senses & turning up the intensity. As with many electrosex toys, this kinky wand delivers sensations so faint you barely feel a tingle- no pain is required to play with intensity, just adrenaline!

    How does it work? A safe but powerful current runs between two prongs at end of the contrasting violet shaft. Use the single push-button to "Charge" the electric current, then touch the prongs to the body to discharge the current.

  • Materials: plastic & silicone grip.  Features a non-conductive grip for the top to hold onto without sparking themselves

    Total Length: 15 in
    Width: 1.5 in

    Power: Battery operated, requires two AAA batteries

    Warranty: 1 year

    Waterproof: NO. Not recommended for use on wet bodies either, as water is extremely conductive of electricity.

    - Push the button multiple times to increase the charge and sting
    - Makes a loud sound that is most often louder than the sting
    - Moderate sting sensation created when touched to the body
    - Produces a visible spark
    - Leaves no visible marks on the body after use
    Suitable for New and Experienced E-Stim Players

  • Sex Educator Tips:  This cattle prod-style electroplay wand creates different sensations, depending on the concentration of nerve endings in the part of the body you use it on. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of possibility with the Stinger.

    Electro sex, is a safe and pleasurable way of stimulating erogenous zones with a controlled amount of electrical energy, creating an intensely anticipatory brain space that heightens all touch and sensations thereafter.  Electrosex, as with much kinky play, often doesn't include genitals or penetration. Rather, it creates a playful power dynamic and plays with the brain, getting the juices flowing!

    Safety Notes! Pushing the button multiple times before discharging increases the intensity of the zap. Also, you must discharge it before putting it away; if charged, it will zap even if the batteries are taken away.

    The level of current should be safe for those with heart conditions but we recommend talking to your doctor first. We do not recommend using with pregnant women nor inserting the prongs internally. 

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