Wet Look Sex Position Strap

$ 49.95 

  • Black and red belt-like strap to be used for doggy style sex play. Made out of PU leather.  Nylon loops at either end of the inner 22" belt.  The belt is 22" and the boned handles add about 6" to each side, each of these handles has velcro to hold the sides together when used as an impact toy.
  • A skinny white woman wearing a black lacy bra bends over a wooden table edge, a body behind her holds the black doggy style strap around the woman's lower abdomen; his pelvis is pushed up against her exposed butt.
  • A skinny white woman with black bra and lacy thong kneels on a white chair. Her butt is partially exposed and partially covered by the strap being used against her as an impact toy. A fit tan man with black underwear stands holding the impact toy against the woman's butt.

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This versatile Wet Look Sex Position Strap wraps around the abdomen during doggy style and doubles as a slappy impact toy, and it makes a delectable THAWK when whacked. 

Not interested in pay for or storing sex pillows? We've got the strap for you! This accessory makes ease of the doggy-style position, as it allows the penetrater to hold the hips in place for stability and a more pleasurable angle. Plus, it takes pressure off the knees and back, and gives the thruster more power to push into your g-spot or prostate!

No more rough hands squeezing into the lower belly, hips, or love handles.  This lightly padded, thick vegan leather strap is supportive and comfortable during thrusting. Plus it has two handles to hold onto, rigid outer ones, or strappy inner ones, depending on body size, comfort, and angle.

  • Vegan leather belt that's 22" long, not including the handles, which means it'll work for a wide range of body sizes
  • Velcro on the inside of the sturdy outer handles, keeping the 2 pieces together when used as a impact toy
  • Comes with a drawstring storage bag to keep protected and hidden

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