Sexuality Affirmation Cards

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  • Sexuality Affirmation Cards
  • Sexuality Affirmation Cards
  • Sexuality Affirmation Cards
  • Sexuality Affirmation Cards

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Reconnect Restore Reclaim is a deck of fifty-two beautiful sexuality affirmation cards to help you reconnect with your body, restore your femininity, and reclaim your sexuality.

Each card contains a powerful affirmation to embrace your sexuality, overcome shame, guilt, abuse, illness, and trauma, and allow you to discover your sexual power. All women can benefit from these positive affirmations.

Pull a card whenever you feel drawn to it, need guidance, or reassurance.

Who are they for? Reconnect Restore Reclaim benefits any adult looking to embrace their sexuality. They are not gendered, and contain references to femininity, which is not genital-specific.

Designed by a sexuality educator with a Masters in Psychology who has a passion for empowering her clients through transformational, inspirational, and practical teachings.  She also has a curriculum focused on Intimacy After Cancer.

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