Adjustable Gauntlet Cuffs

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  • A skinny black girl with mid-shoulder length hair, sits on a bed facing away from the camera. She sits on her knees with her arms restrained behind her back in red and black corset-laced gauntlet cuffs.
  • Black and crimson PV leather gauntlet cuffs with a red stripe up the outside. The red stripe is lined with eyelets for the corset lacing.

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  • Adjustable Gauntlet Cuffs
    Turn your partner on, and into a captive!  These forearm-length cuffs have corset-style lacing up the length, making them great for binding both thinner and thicker arms!  Gauntlet cuffs provide more restraint than standard handcuffs as they force the forearms and elbows closer together.

    These black and crimson neoprene-like cuffs have give and squish to them, so they'll keep your captive tied tight without leaving marks that you have to explain later ;) A perfect place to start if you're looking to explore beginner bondage up to intermediate play.  Be creative: tie your love up in front or from behind!

  • Materials:  Vegan padded leather (PV leather) gauntlet cuffs that have corset laced ties all the way up. 

    Length: 9.25" long
    Opening at Smallest Point: 5.5" 
    Opening at Widest Point : 9.5" long

    - Nylon string which makes for a solid tie without being impossible to undo
    - A sturdy plastic d-ring at the wrist end of the cuffs, connect it to rope, a leash, or even to ankle restraints
    - Comes with a drawstring storage bag to keep protected and hidden

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