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  • A slick powerhouse! Überlube has cornered the market with a—dare we say it—über slippery lube!

    The company boast how this product can be used in your hair to smooth frizz, while you run to prevent chafing. We are not experts on frizz but we can tell you that this is the only silicone lubricant we carry because it is the best. It has minimal ingredients making it safe, comfortable, and very pleasurable to most bodies—including those with sensitive skin!

    Being silicone-based means that the formula never gets fully absorbed by the skin which makes it last, and last, and last! But because this is a high quality and pure formula, it flushes beautifully out of the body without causing a mess or trapping in the skins pores. Although silicone is a fan favorite for its endurance, it should not be used with silicone-based toys or polyurethane condoms. It will warp it! Also, some people report their wonderful silicone lube stains their sheets. We can assure you that if the lube rubs off of the skin, it is too diluted to stain but may cause issues if accidentally poured directly onto fabric.

  • Ingredients: dimethicone, dimethiconal, cyclomethicone, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)

    Überlube comes in two sizes, 50 mL and 100 mL, and is also offered in travel size (Check out Überlube Good to Go).

  • Sex Educator Tip: In addition to being an incredible lube, Überlube doubles as a massage oil! Winwin!

    "Uberlube is not only a fantastic lubricant, but works wonders as a fragrance-free massage oil or chafing protectant." - Alyssa


    Read more about Alyssa's picks on our blog!

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