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Blown: The Fine Art of Fantastic Fellatio

Friday, May 15th, 8pm - $25 in advance $30 Day of Event
New to the BJ game? Proud of the oral accolades under your belt? Either way, join Lotus Blooms as we teach you ways to blow your beau (body and mind)! We’ll cover everything from the anatomy of pleasure to positions! All genders are welcome to attend our most popular workshop! We’re not just mouthing off, this is one class that’s sure to suck.!

Bondage & Erotic Restraints for Beginners

Sunday, May 17th, 7pm - $25 in advance $30 Day of Event
Delve into a world of unrestrained Passion! Whether you fantasize about being secured by intricately wrought ropes or locking your lover up in leather, Lotus Blooms Sex Educators will help you discover techniques, safety and scenarios to unlock the secret freedom experienced when you are put in your place and held there firmly.

Vaginas 101

Friday, May 22th, 8pm $25 in advance $30 Day of Event

Have a vagina? Love vaginas? Heard of them? Then come on in! We’ll be talking about the care and feeding of vaginas, where to tease them and how to please them! Want to know more about the G-spot? How do females ejaculate? All are welcome to this fun and friendly workshop!

Customize Your Relationship, Options Beyond Monogamy

Sunday, May 31st, 7pm - $25 in advance $30 Day of Event
"One-man, one-woman, until death" monogamy is almost universally the relationship default. Modern society often frames love as subject to destruction if one partner even thinks about straying. The love-triangle is the source of dramatic tension in almost every show or film. But does it need to be so in our own lives? Join us as we talk about the many ways we can choose to define our own boundaries and expectations for our relationships.


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