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Workshops & Private Parties

Workshops & Private Parties


 Seats fill quickly. Call 703-535-8225 or visit our page at Eventbrite to reserve yours today!
For questions, please visit our Workshop FAQ page. For information on Private Parties, please Contact Us.

Get Waisted: Getting started with Corsets and Waist Training

Thursday, July 5th, 7pm - $10 Deposit to Reserve Seat
Glamour. Romance. Seduction. Confidence. Corsets and the women who wear them evoke a sense of mystery and exude sensuality with every step. Lotus Blooms educators, Eva LeStrange and Melanie Novak, want to unlace the myths surrounding the styling and wearing of corsets for women of every size. This evening’s workshop will focus on figure training fundamentals from comfortably contouring your shape, to sizing and the care and feeding of your garment, to planning a safe training regimen to whittle away your waistline. This workshop is a must if you’ve been considering purchasing a corset but don’t know where to start!

It's $10 to reserve a spot, and we'll take that off your purchase the evening of the event!

Stepping Out: Finding Your Way in the Public Kink Scene

Sunday, July 19th, 7pm - $25 in advance $30 Day of Event
Are you curious about the kinky world beyond your own bedroom? Have you heard about a BDSM event nearby, but been too intimidated to make that first step? Join Jimmy and Shade as they talk about life in the public kink scene. You'll learn about the types of people you might meet, common terminology, scene etiquette, and how to safely play in public spaces. All are welcome - bring your burning questions!

Unforgettable: Oral Sex for Everybody!

Sunday, July 26th, 7pm $25 in advance $30 Day of Event

Sex educators at Lotus Blooms will teach the fine art of fellatio, the cunnilungus craft, and the importance of using both your mouth and your hands. They will also cover positions, toy play, communication, and safety. With the right techniques, you don’t need to go trick or treating to enjoy something sweet between the sheets.


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